Numerous publications on network economics, (de-) regulation, competition policy, industrial economics, and sector studies on network industries (e.g. Communication and other social skills become increasingly important in an integrating world where the remaining barriers are less and less of economic but rather social and cultural nature, Excellent command of the English language is paramount and a basic knowledge of German is advantageous. I'm an MIE student. Key competences include: Prof. Dr. Günter Knieps is professor of economics at the University of Freiburg and director of the Institute of Transport Economics and Regional Policy. I also completed an internship in the US between my first and second year. D-79085 Freiburg First, I have met a lot of interesting people from different countries of the world and have learnt more about their culture. In my opinion, the diversity of the IMP students (in our intake, the students were from more than 15 different countries), serves as a unique multiplier. Technical knowledge or even professional expertise are nowadays not enough to deal with the fast-changing economic world. Economics (MEP) Master of Science (M.Sc.) A sound knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations are strongly recommended. Following the application deadline, the admission board will evaluate all complete applications. Overview of all the Chairs at the Department of Economics Lecture Catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis, HISinOne) Module Handbook M.Sc. Since 09/2013 she is Professor of Financial Mathematics at the University of Freiburg. Now, I am working as a Junior Options Trader in an international environment, and I realize how useful all those great experiences in Freiburg are. Note for Admissions 2019/2020, no ISNE candidates will be accepted into the program. However, I am not exaggerating when I say the solidarity and strong company amongst the students is outstanding – we spent countless days in study groups, helping each other, laughing, and working towards the common goal of passing our exams. In order to know how to convert your GPA to the German grading System, you can apply as an orientation the modified Bavarian formula: A: No, work experience is not a requirement for admission to the program. While most of our students make the transition from their undergraduate programs directly to Master Program, we have had many successful applicants with years of professional experience in between. Your employment history is of interest to us, so be sure to document it in your application. Â, Economics and Politics: political science, public administration, Finance: financial mathematics, mathematics, statistics. Each year ca. His major research interests are macroeconomic theory, the theory of unemployment, and international economics. He continued his academic career as senior research assistant in the Department of Management at the University of Bern (2003-2005) and as assistant professor of International Management at the same University. Prof. Dr. Tim Krieger is Wilfried Guth Professor for Constitutional Political Economy and Competition Policy. In order to create a dynamic community of able and successful students we require students to document the following abilities and to submit the respective documents during the online application: Recommended additional documents in case your background in Economics is not very strong:  You can find more detailed information here:   * In order to know how to convert your GPA to the German grading System, you can apply as an orientation the modified Bavarian formula: You can also access this pdf file provided by Geschäftsstelle der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Prüfungsausschüsse. EU citizens and citizens from some other countries as e.g. I was able to make a successful transition from a software programmer to a scholar in social science. Our program reflects these new demands:We provide students with state-of-the-art economic expertise and management know-how linked with complementary courses from other disciplines. telecommunications, internet, transport, and energy). Chair of Economic Theory. … He is a graduate of the University of Basle, Switzerland. Department of Economics. By time, I met many people from all over the world and I got the academic knowledge and notion I aimed to get before coming there. Q: All my application documents are complete except the TOEFL/IELTS score. The statistical tools of modern econometrics are indispensable for comparative empirical institutional research. oec. ... (Visa issues, scholarships, etc), send your application to this email: . Master of Economics Program Freiburg. And I can say that after a year of studying in Freiburg, I learnt things that will be really helpful for my future. Prof. Dr. Günther G. Schulze is Professor of Economics at the Economics Department. ", "The IMP in Freiburg is a very challenging and interesting experience. Students in Germany currently pay a fixed rate of about EUR 105 per month for health insurance, regardless of which insurance company they choose. Decisionmaking and management positions demand increasingly broad analytical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge; pure technical or business related skills and experiences will not be sufficient in the near future. :). Sound knowledge of economics: micro- and macroeconomics and quantitative methods. Since most problems analyzed are interdisciplinary by their very nature, economics and business administration courses are complemented by political science courses (EP), courses offered by the department of mathematics (F, EP) and by computer science and telematics courses (ISNE). Q: When will the admission decisions be announced? Please note that while you are a student and do not have a working permit, you are allowed to work up to 120 days (240 half days) per year. Platz der Alten Synagoge. I'm Keili from Estonia. - Final round of notification of admission decisions will be made by July, 2020. Prof. Dr. Günter Knieps is professor of economics at the University of Freiburg and director of the Institute of Transport Economics and Regional Policy. University College Freiburg (UCF) serves as a central and interfaculty platform at the University of Freiburg for international, interdisciplinary teaching activities. Early applications are strongly encouraged! Translation of the Official Admission Regulations into English (non-binding). Prof. Dr. Oliver Landmann. Q: English was the Language of instruction during my undergraduate studies. Edmund Husserl's abstract approach towards the role of theoretical reasoning had strong effects beyond the realms of philosophy into the social sciences and, in particular, on Walter Eucken, who made theoretical reasoning a basis for impartial analysis of economic conflict and for impartial policy advice. Thus, our master program focus on people and/or positions that require a broad ranging knowledge and an excellent command of up-to-date analytical and management tools in order to solve complex, multi-level problems in the international market place, the political arena, or in academia. EUR 94 (per semester). Founded in 1457, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg was first set up in Freiburg Cathedral as the 'Albertina'.Initially, the university was established as a comprehensive university with four faculties, including law, theology, medicine, and philosophy. UCF houses high profile projects, notably the English-taught Bachelor program in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Note: For urgent situations (Visa issues, scholarships, etc), send your application to this email: . Certainly, this requires also a lot of openness and tolerance for other working styles or cultures. Regardless of their majors we expect people to have a very solid command of microeconomics and macroeconomics at an intermediate level. Along with pretty solid academic knowledge you’ll get invaluable experience of being not only part of German but very international student community. The profile Information Systems and Network Economics (ISNE) deals with the economy of linked up systems, as for example information systems. The Program is pretty unique and challenging in many aspects but the experience you get is crucial for further activity in the field. Books etc. Building on some fundamental theoretical results on financial markets, core topics of the program include the pricing and hedging of financial derivatives, the management and measurement of different sources of risks in financial markets, optimal asset allocation and the construction of investment strategies, the regulation of financial institutions as well as the design and operation of insurance and pension systems. Spemann Graduate School of Biology and MedicineGraduate School "Environment, … She studied mathematics in Bonn and Toronto and received her Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Bonn in 2004. Economics also deals with the question of whether and how the state should intervene in economic and social processes at the national and international level. Economic Science Master of Education (M.Ed.) I believe that, for those of you who are really interested in economic science, this program is definitely the right one. ... Sedanstraße 6 79098 Freiburg Map Accessibility Stairlift up to 225 kg. Thanks to all my professors, fellow students and all the people who made it possible. The link for the online application will be provided on the day the application period starts, March 18, 2020. Special subjects address among other things network economy, security on the internet, electronic markets, telematics and strategic management. Master of Economics Program Freiburg. China. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) of at least 100. or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of at least 7.0 overall. Economics (VWL) Master of Science (M.Sc.) He studied economics and mathematics and obtained his Ph.D. in Bonn. A: In order to be admitted you need a grade point average (GPA) of 2,5* (German grading System) or better (which means lower according to the German system). Second, I was able to overcome intellectual challenges of the program and develop a global approach in thinking about national and international economic issues of today's world. This was really a crucial change, which has opened many doors for me in several aspects of life. Have fun! Flexibility demands the ability to collect, assess, and process information in an analytical and systematical way rather than to maximize the storage of information that will typically be short-lived and may be very specific to the situation decision-makers are confronted with or the industry they are operating in. Her research concentrates on quantitative finance, in particular the modeling of credit and liquidity risks as well as the pricing and hedging of financial derivatives. ... Sedanstraße 6 79098 Freiburg Lageplan Barrierefreiheit Treppenlift für Traglasten Scanned copy of the evidence of command of English, Signed declaration of not having lost the right to examination (. It is this interaction between standard economic analysis and political-economic considerations that enhances our understanding of observable outcomes and provides the appropriate tools necessary for their assessment. He received an MA in Economics (Dipl.-Volkswirt) 1988 from the University of Hamburg, and an MA in International Economics ( It´s worth it! Now, I am looking forward to the next step: starting my first job after graduation in consulting. You may share with people from all over the world the academic life and thus the difficulties involved when it comes to advanced economic theory. The MEP combines a high level master of economics program with constitutional political economy and public choice theory. His main research areas include international economics, international political economy, development economics, decentralization in developing countries, and the economics of terrorism. We evaluate applications according to three main criteria: Strong academic aptitudeBecause the Master program at the Economics Department is rigorous and challenging, prospective students must possess a solid academic foundation. We also request a statement of intent. Application for intake 2020 will open on March 18, 2020, Grade point average (GPA) in previous studies of at least 2,5* (German grading system). The accredited Master of Science program in Computer Science is a two-year program that has been designed for international and German graduate students. The department offers six majors: Economics Applied Economics Economics and Business Administration Mathematical Economics Political Science and Economics (education degree) 1989 from the University of Konstanz. International students from countries with which Germany has a Social Security Agreement including an insurance clause (e.g. This interdisciplinary approach will put students in a position to evaluate the problems at hand from different angles and find solutions that satisfy not only economics needs, but also political, management, and technological constraint.