November 30, 2020 | Version 2.0.10. Ifit uses these elements for the leader board as well. The ELEVATE plugin is the rebranded STRAVISTIX … definitely worth a look. I’m having a look at how it’s changed as they are also looking to port it to Firefox soon, FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All Links Pay Commission. October 3, 2020 | Version 2.0.9. fēnix® 6X Pro, fēnix® 6X Sapphire, fēnix® 6X Pro Solar, tactix® Delta Sapphire, quatix® 6X Solar, tactix® Delta Solar, tactix® Delta Solar Ballisitcs, MARQ™ Captain, MARQ™ Captain: American Magic Edition, quatix® 6X, quatix® 6X Solar, quatix® 6X Dual Power. The concept is great - track your Strava Relative Effort in real time. i agree the example you cite doesn’t sound right tho. I will try next versions when they arrive. If you have Auto Start enabled, start your recording on your device and a Beacon link will be automatically sent to your Safety Contacts. Relative Effort shows you a personalized measurement based on your heart rate zones. Select Customize Pages > Workout Data > Strava Live Relative Effort. User account menu. This app requires an update of your {0}. Strava for me. Highly inaccurate. Folkert Geurink Good idea but now is useless. Prislužite si priznanje za trdo delo. As well as having a whole host of powerful training features Strava is the Facebook of training and a great motivational tool to keep you on track. Also the efforts used to calculate your zones can be taken automatically from your maximal efforts which the algorithm identifies from your workouts. Bikes: Cervelo, Trek, Giant, Specialized etc, 5k Training Plan – Running | Sub 19, 21, 23, 25 | minute 5k, 10k Training Plan | Sub 40, Sub 45, Sub 50 | Running PB PR, Straightforward Sub 20 19 5k Training Plan, My Research and some more informational resources, download the Strava Relative Effort data field, buy the reviewed product via, Up to 40% off selected 4iiii Power Meters, STRYD ⭐ Flash Giveaway ⭐ NOW grab a present for Xmas 2020, STRYD Black Friday 2020 Discount Code UK, USA, EU ⚡⚡ Best Ever, new Garmin Running Power coming 2021 impacts on Strava + Forerunner 955, STRYD Rolls out Apple Watch Training Service – Garmin too | STRYD Membership for 2021, Lumen Review | Metabolism, Fat & Carb Analyser | plus Garmin CIQ |, Jabra Elite 85t Review | The Best Earbuds got a Bit Better, Bryton Rider 750 Review – Highly Featured bikenav, Cheaper than Garmin, Wahoo Kickr Axis Review | Wahoo KICKRmat, Trainer Floormat too, NRC X1 Review | cycling eyewear sunglasses glasses review. iFit to Garmin/Strava/etc. You needed to know that. In the chart above you can see my current efforts are generally higher than other, recent weeks and that DOES make sense as I tapered for a couple of races two weeks ago. i have both strava and Garminconnect and my watch using the same values for the heart rate zones. Like other Garmin devices, the Vivoactive supports Strava Beacon and can display a real-time Relative Effort score so you can make the most of Premium. Extremely confusing to configure the heart rate zones, and looking at other reviews other people have the same problem. That is, the top quarter of the value display was clipped at the top. AS EXPECTED: However if i export to ORIGINAL (FIT) from garmin conenct and then manually into strava the RE data does NOT show. January 13th, 2020. You should compare this to the Elevate plugin for Chrome. Relative Effort (Analysis Pack) Location: Left Hand Side Menu . If you are into deep sporty analyses then STRAVA’s RELATIVE EFFORT is NOT for you. The deeper you dig and the longer you hold, the higher your Relative Effort. Relative Effort. There is new functionality related to RELATIVE EFFORT available at STRAVA online, on your STRAVA app and on some cycling devices – notably WAHOO and Garmin. Antonio Caroli That single number should be comparable across sports and across all your friends. As you become familiar with RELATIVE EFFORT then you will probably stray towards looking at your STRAVA-based FITNESS and FRESHNESS data and that should help better guide your training efforts. 3 3. Download the app now. December 1, 2020 | Version 2.0.10. the number on my watch right before i stop the activity doesn’t match the number on my strava account for that activity. Again its a bit low. 4. However, pending a firmware update expected in Q3, Garmin Edge … The result produced by the app was about three time larger than on the web. With seven days of battery life in ‘watch mode’ and an always on, full-color touchscreen, this watch works well as an everyday accessory. ... Strava Garmin Integration puts Strava on your Garmin. As you ride, the instructor tells you the target cadence and controls the incline / level. My HR zones are the same on Garmin Connect and Strava. Garmin will process this information only to send it to the developer. Don’t really have to do anything. Get street cred for your sweat. 2. AS EXPECTED: My Garmin HRM-TRI cached data from last week in the pool does NOT produce RE data (directly linked to strava from garmin connect) But Strava says it’s working on Bluetooth support for cadence and power meters next. Be sure your Garmin and Strava heart rate zones are the same.

, Krygel In this case, I can't track the entire ride. ... Past 2 weeks has seen a decline in fitness on strava, even though am running regularly and getting “fitter” on garmin. Why can't I see Relative Effort on my swims that contain heart rate? Sorry, your message couldn’t be submitted because we’re having trouble communicating with our servers. Are the configured hr numbers meant to be the top of the zones (eg. Connect your Garmin device to get an array of Strava features that you can use on the go. I like that I can use my Garmin or my phone. Relative Effort requires a built-in optical heart rate sensor or a paired heart rate monitor. If you are already invested timewise in STRAVA and not a serious data analyst then using a bolt-on feature is a good way to go FOR SOME PEOPLE , Edit: ahhh. Program Strava Relative Effort v realnem času analizira srčni utrip med vadbo in razvrsti napor dejavnosti. It is a higher level of depth and complexity that the inbuilt strava stuff. Most products I cover here are on Amazon. Hey all, when I do a run outside with my Garmin watch and its in both Garmin connect and synced to Strava, what is the best number to use for TSS for when I try to update the TR calendar? Gives wrong number (more than twice). When you check back on your activity either on the app or online platform then Summit members will see their score recorded for posterity. Not sure what the issue is. whichever is the most appropriate. Connect Strava to Garmin and Fitbit. No clue where to find this, or if it's "set up" properly. This kind of analysis is one of the first things you want to start looking at as you take your training more seriously. Starting an activity. The data with Strava do not match although I have set the same heart rates. As a runner what can Strava premium provide me with that I already don't get from Garmin Connect. But result is always zero. The deeper you dig and the longer you hold, the higher your Relative Effort.

Relative Effort requires a built-in optical heart rate sensor or a paired heart rate monitor. Indoor, pool-based activities with no GPS are officially not supported byt RE data does appear in some rare crcumstances but then seems too low. STRAVA introduced RELATIVE EFFORT almost a year ago (April 2018) as a replacement to their Suffer Score. HR zones was set correctly. Please Help Us: If you are planning to buy anything from Directly from Wahoonow or in the future, please click on the relevant banner. The email address you've entered is invalid. Garmin Index S2 Review | Smart Scale 2, WiFi Version 2020, Fossil Gen 5 Review | Top 10 Best Wear OS smartwatch, NRC P-Ride Review | HOCO | cycling eyewear sunglasses glasses review, Review of SmrT Cargo Water Bottle | Mini Review, Garmin HRM-PRO Review | The greatest ever could still be better, Polar Vantage V2 Review Pro Triathlon Watch – one of the best. Garmin does not review or manage these payment services. We've taken out the guesswork with Relative Effort – a heart-rate metric that offers a fresh new way to compare the intensity of your activities and see how they all add up. Adam Pytlak Archived. The clever way that it has been implemented by STRAVA is that STRAVA’s large data set has been used to improve the accuracy of the calculations across sports. We are all different in our needs. i think that was the issue with the suffer score Aplikace Strava Relative Effort v reálném čase během tréninku analyzuje tepovou frekvenci a vyhodnocuje celkové úsilí vydané po čas aktivity. Please try again later. 3. The Garmin HRM-Dual and Wahoo Tickr ... With this Strava, even without a bike computer you’ll be able to train using heart rate zones and monitor your ‘relative effort’ if … Despite setting the zones EXACTLY to the same as GC and Strava the over-estimation is downright unbelievable. Here are two recent efforts of mine, the first that is included a very hard 18 minute effort and the second one a z2 effort in the Pyrenees. Will Fitness show me if I’m overtraining? Edit: It seems that all zones for sports other than bike and run are based on bike or run! That makes sense too as I am now starting to cycle more with the onset of better weather. from z5 = max hr and down) or are they meant to be the bottom of each zone (the same as shown in strava web) ??? @Dembo ty for that. You can get a free 30-day trial…or a 60-day one if you know where to look , Designed for STRAVA with Marco Altini PhD: HRV4TRAINING. I know that running at marathon pace for 1 hour nets me a Strava relative effort of more than double what I achieve on a 2:20 minute very hard cycle. Relative Effort. Luis Navarro But if you look at the middle chart, above, then you can also see that the highlighted week is also quite high when compared to even earlier weeks towards the start of this year. I only include the second image because it says “Massive Relative Effort” and also shows a somewhat scary 75km/h. May 2, 2020 | Version 2.0.6. 4. Consigue reconocimientos por tu esfuerzo. The Strava real-time Relative Effort app analyzes your heart rate during a workout and ranks your total activity effort. Strava's new Relative Effort feature will provide premium users a score that compares any sport's workout intensity against any other, and provide fine-tuned training tips. Garmin has partnered with Strava to offer a live Strava Suffer Score Data Field on compatible devices. Relative Effort is powered by heart rate data, or Perceived Exertion but calculates on an activity by activity basis. Cuanto más intenso sea tu nivel de esfuerzo y más tiempo lo mantengas, mayor será tu esfuerzo relativo. Pair your Garmin device with the Connect app via Bluetooth. Please try again later. Relative Effort lower despite higher heart rate I recently got the subscription on Strava after using it for a few months and have looked a bit at the RE metric. So my training from that time is lower than now. This is a nice addition to the app and a little more useful, IMO, than the single Relative Effort number. Přemek John Archived. You will see your Relative Effort on your device, but if you're not a Strava subscriber, it will not appear in your activity details. there will be different adaptations from a short hard session than one that is 50% longer and both potentially with the same relative effort. 10% discount (the5krunner10) at Power Meter City (USA). Much of the functionality requires that you have the STRAVA SUMMIT Analysis Pack at £2.50 / US$3 per … Gallery Strava Garmin Integration puts Strava on your Garmin. September 3, 2020 | Version 2.0.8. I guess it would be fun to compare your live score to that of your training partner to see who is genuinely trying the hardest. What is Strava Live Suffer Score? Previous session, app = 235, Strava = 85. Are you sure you want to remove this app? It always gives a significantly higher number than Strava itself, so useless. It gives me a number, but is never anywhere near what is shown in strava web or app - generally it is about 30% of the web number. Relative Effort is only available for subscribers on activities that contain heart rate data or have a Perceived Exertion entered. STRAVA say that RE is not supported for indoor pool swim. 6 HR fields on Garmin device and 5 in the settings for this data field. Initially Strava Live Segments will only be accessible on the Garmin Edge 520. Once uploaded it shows as 124 on the website. No chance to setup same number as one will be missing. Let’s return to the pure Relative Effort measure we are talking about here. Tubolito Review | lightest fastest smallest strongest? Designed by athletes, for athletes, Strava’s mobile app and website connect millions of runners and cyclists through the sports they love. There is new functionality related to RELATIVE EFFORT available at STRAVA online, on your STRAVA app and on some cycling devices – notably WAHOO and Garmin. Useless if you see different results in this than on Strava afterwards. As you can see, Marco Altini based it on Bannister’s widely used TRIMP formulae.TRIMP essentially measures time-in-zone and allocates more points for time in a higher zone. Héctor Solano This is optional. some more info: This inaccuracy drops the rating from 3 stars to 1 star. I couldn't find any way to view the value after the ride, so I couldn't compare the final value provided by this app to the effort value displayed on the Strava website after the activity is uploaded to Strava. So frustrating. It’s a similar thing with your Garmin and you can download the Strava Relative Effort data field that you can add to a screen just as you would do with any other data field. The Strava real-time Relative Effort app analyzes your heart rate during a workout and ranks your total activity effort. Enabling Live Relative Effort Navigate to the settings page in the Wahoo ELEMNT or Bolt app. August 5, 2020 | Version 2.0.8. Or not hero depending on how it goes! The app's data display was too large to fit in the data field display. End result after syncing with Strava is often 3-5 times higher effort. If your activity does have heart rate, and you don't see it on Strava, check that you've allowed Strava to access health-related data. This can be handy for comparing your training load across multiple sports when distance, time or elevation isn't an even comparison. Grossly underestimates Realtive Effort real time. They say it’s only for outdoor activities with GPS. It’s been expanded to provide validity across many sports and to better accommodate shorter, harder efforts. Why? Subscribers can now display Relative Effort week over week and for individual activities. But I DO look REGULARLY at the same soft of data and analyses. For more information, please contact the app developer. Then, as your workout progresses, you can see your RELATIVE EFFORT score progressively rise from zero…to hero. Your own email-address won't be exposed to the developer, but you can add it if you wish to get directly contacted by the developer. Any payments related to this app will be processed using a third-party payment service chosen by the app developer. I have set the app HR zones according to my Strava HR zones. Based on the values I checked on the app's data field late in rides, the app overestimates effort by 30% to 100% compared to Strava's website calculation, depending on the length and intensity of the ride. The Strava Suffer Score analyzes heart rate during a workout and ranks total activity effort. Your Relative Effort workout scores are then also used elsewhere in the SUMMIT Analysis Pack to give you an indication of your readiness to train and perform. Note: non-SUMMIT member (ie regular FREE STRAVA users) CAN also see the relative effort score live on the watch…but nowhere else. Brian McKinley Please try to figure out the proper algorithm, for now I will remove the app. At the most simple level, it’s a single number representing the total effort of each of your workouts. Crap programming even the idea is great. ... Log In Sign Up. Relative Effort can be viewed as an instant review of your performance in an activity or as your overall effort over … At least in strava, it gives me a relative effort number for each run I do. Don’t worry if, instead, you know the basis for your HR zones. Relative effort / TRIMP, seems to favor cardio load and effort and not muscular strain. Much of the functionality requires that you have the STRAVA SUMMIT Analysis Pack at £2.50 / US$3 per month, it’s slightly cheaper if bought annually. There are many other choices. Tap on Strava Live Relative Effort to enable the feature. This is a STRAVA-approved interview that was published on an online Canadian site which is now offline and so I’ve linked to it here. 6 6. Strava and Garmin are the perfect combination. Consequently if you go above the range then an easy day might be appropriate tomorrow. December 18, 2020 | Version 2.0.10. When I power it up and resume the ride, this data field has reset to 0. Once you're connected, activities uploaded to Garmin Connect via bluetooth or computer will automatically sync to Strava so you can streamline your workout routine. Completely useless to me. If you stay within range then you shouldn’t require much recovery time at all. Any ideas as to how I can get the line to incline like it … Privacy Policy: Cookie and Data Sharing Info. Sorry, the app wasn’t sent to your device because we’re having trouble communicating with our servers. We also do not receive your payments and cannot issue refunds. Your message was sent to the developer. Can I get Live Relative Effort if I'm recording indoor or stationary activities? Čím více budete makat a čím déle vydržíte, tím vyšší bude výsledná hodnota Relative Effort. If you spend a lot of time on the STRAVA platform for social reasons and if you don’t normally look elsewhere for any kind of data analysis then RELATIVE EFFORT will give you some interesting insights and is probably worth paying a bit of extra cash on to help hone your training. The Strava real-time Relative Effort app analyzes your heart rate during a workout and ranks your total activity effort. You will lose all your reviews and download statistics. Močneje kot se trudite in dlje kot držite, višja bo vrednost Relative Effort. What is the Strava Relative Effort Connect IQ App? Just made a short ride, the app shows 37, Strava says 16 The developer of this app will receive an email with the request you enter below. El problema es que no te dejan habilitada la opción para hacer ajustes de tus zonas, de nada sirve tener bien configurado el Garmin y Strava, si la app tiene sus propios números preestablecidos y no los puedes cambiar de acuerdo a tus zonas reales. I exchanged a few emails on this topic with Marco Altini who did the groundwork for STRAVA. I don’t feel that Strava relative effort, Whoop, TRIMP etc, work well for people that are substantially stronger in one discipline than another e.g. You can override the automation and use your manual zones. My tentative conclusion would be that STRAVA does not correctly read cached HR data in Garmin’s FIT files and that the zoning for swimming is set too high, indeed STRAVA say they use the bike HR zones for swimming with HRmax being, at most, 12bpm lowr for cycling than running. Close. I have a Garmin device and sync my data both to Garmin Connect and Strava free version. a far stronger runner than cyclist. or should I not even worry about it? The deeper you dig and the longer you hold, the higher your Relative Effort. IIRC the STRAVA plans pre-date the introduction of Relative Effort. Uninstall seemed to work ok. However, let’s leave this fitness & freshness as that is a different, but related, part of the Analysis pack. 99 and below is just "relative effort" ... Strava does not have an option to create or use interval running. Seems low though. The good: Great idea this app! Získejte za svoji dřinu uznání. Yes. If you are an occasional and time-crunched data analyser then STRAVA could be a good way to go . A: No. I just ride and record, and it’s all there. As far as I'm concerned, if you make something and don't tell anyone how to use it, then what you've made is a pile of useless crap. Your all out 20 minute run should give the same number as your friend’s all out 20 minute run. Relative Effort is very different for very similar activities (185 to 46) Close. Relative Effort is very different for very similar activities (185 to … May 12, 2020 | Version 2.0.6. Maybe fine for the likes of me but not for eveyone. So it’s pretty much useless to gauge your external stress stemming from training. Thus swimming zones are based on bike where, at most, your max HR is 12 bpm lower for cycling than running. Downloaded to my Garmin Edge 520 and data field setup worked well. Taking these 3 items into account gives you a more realistic / relative idea of your effort. May 28, 2020 | Version 2.0.6. The bad: The result is crap! To develop Relative Effort, we started with the existing formula for Suffer Score and set out to transform it with input from sports-focused data scientist Dr. Marco Altini. La aplicación en tiempo real Relative Effort de Strava analiza tu frecuencia cardiaca durante una sesión de entrenamiento y clasifica el esfuerzo total de tu actividad. Relative Effort. STRAVA determines a weekly “RELATIVE EFFORT RANGE” for you which varies daily and is based on a 3-week moving average. However if i export the same data to tcx from garmin connect and then manually import into strava the RE data DOES show. But I’d bet about a million of you already have at some time or other judging by the 800k downloads just from Garmin Connect. However if you just have Garmin Connect for your data ‘analysis’ then RELATIVE EFFORT and the STRAVA SUMMIT Analysis Pack can give you some interesting insights. It would also be nice if STRAVA’s training plans had a RELATIVE EFFORT indication for each workout and then you could, sort of, use the live RELATIVE EFFORT data field as a broad indicator of the correctness of your workout or even as a target for a longer, steady-state workout. I use golden cheetah and sporttracks both of which give the same sort of things and more. It’s only on the app. Learn more about Relative Effort. Here is a link covering “Everything you ever wanted to know about STRAVA Relative Effort” based on discussions with the guy who ‘wrote it’ and hands-on usage with it on other devices over the years. I'd got it. Posted by 9 months ago. Note: It looks like the RELATIVE EFFORT data field will use the HR Zones as determined by STRAVA rather than the zones that might be on your Garmin/Wahoo. Runs track data with a Foot Pod and a bike will need a speed sensor to compute the score. Posted by 2 years ago. On long rides, I stop to rest for long enough that the Garmin powers down. You do NOT have to add this data field to your device. If your score is progressively falling and your times are getting no slower then you are getting fitter. Paul smith For example my ride this afternoon (recorded on a Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire) had a Relative Effort figure of 169 showing art the end of the activity. It’s a shame that Strava still ignores any pool swimming HR data and consequently ignores pool swims in the calculation of the weekly Relative Effort. I expect some kind of instructions when I use something new. You could maybe check back at the same ride or run from an earlier week. If you’re a Strava Subscription user you’ll then get extra data such as Relative Effort and Fitness Scores. This weekly view gives you a reasonable indication of the general direction of your overall training load as well as an indicator for the need to recover. Used once. 1. my Suunto OPEN WATER swims from last year do have RE data. On your Wahoo all you have to do is add the existing RELATIVE EFFORT data field to an appropriate page. The relative effort of the application corresponds exactly to double that Strava... Jorge Luis Reyes iFit to Garmin/Strava/etc. The Relative Effort graph is designed to help you understand whether your workouts this week are more or less intense than your last week was. I looked into it a bit more. No es tan complicado instalarlo, lo realmente malo es que los datos no son exactos, aun cuando las zonas de frecuencia cardíaca tanto de Garmin como de Strava sean las mismas. November 28, 2020 | Version 2.0.10. Welcome to r/Strava, the place to post about, chat about and discuss all things Strava. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hr zones matches. STRAVA Relative Effort on the Suunto 9 & Suunto 5. Latest session, app = 49, Strava = 15. 10% REI Dividend, Wiggle (up to 17% for Wiggle platinum members). Save $£€, Great Choice I think it does everything that Strava charges for for free. Please use Garmin Express to update your {0}. You almost certainly will have something similar and a bit better in Golden Cheetah or Training Peaks or similar. This Connect IQ app may require or request payment for usage. effectively there should be a hr zone for each sport.